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Happy to announce the release of my first eBook on Enterprise real-time Integration.

Motivation to write this Book

When it comes to articulating the vision of real-time integration architecture for Enterprise as a whole, it is very important to have the right understanding of various prevalent integration use cases – Messaging, SOA-EAI, APIs and B2B integration, and synergies among respective implementation platforms. Most of the times I have noticed that the teams working on integration initiatives/programs often miss the broader perspective and strategic outlook on integration; teams deal with integration as a vanilla mechanism to connect two applications or two Organizations. This eventually leads to suboptimal design, complex integration landscape and non-scalable environment.

These challenges motivated me to write this book which is a blend of Business and Technology outlook, and deals with integration topic from a broader perspective. The integration space is always about right strategies and optimal design thinking; the strategic perspective while integrating Enterprise capabilities (functionalities and data) and partners-third parties can be a real enabler for Business.

I have been working in integration space for almost 15 years now and have worked on many key Enterprise-wide strategic initiatives related to SOA-EAI, API management, B2B integration and Messaging. While working on these large-scale initiatives, I have learnt many practical tactics and approaches that can help in building seamless and scalable integration solutions. My objective through this book is to share the knowledge I have gained over the years and provide an insight into real-time integration while promoting architecture and design thinking.

Understanding various dimensions of real-time integration should provide one with the ability to define strategic and sustainable integration solution for a given use case, which otherwise is a very common area for oversight and things can go wrong leading to unmanageable and complex integration ecosystem.

The book covers complete gamut of real-time integration use cases – messaging, application integration-SOA, API Management and B2B integration. Additionally, the book also touches upon 2 areas briefly – Batch Middleware (in Unit II) and iPaaS (in Unit IV).

It is worth reading Enterprise Real-time Integration Platform article before you start reading this book. It is also recommended that book should be read in sequence (unit I to Unit IV) as it outlines synergy among these integration areas and a clear progression from small integration use case of Messaging to a bigger picture of collaborative offerings through APIs. Progressively this book defines the vision of Enterprise Real-time Integration Reference Architecture.

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Book Introduction

Unit I – Messaging

Unit II – Application Integration and SOA

Unit III – API Management

Unit IV – B2B Integration


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