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Enterprise Real-time Integration Platform

  Seamless integration of Enterprise applications as well as Business Partners and third parties is the most common and essential requirement for any Organization. Additionally, Organizations are increasingly adopting Mobility and Cloud trends to participate in extended digital ecosystem of collaborative offerings and value added services, thus creating even more demand for real-time integration. The […]

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Hybrid IT and iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service)

The Hybrid IT evolution started with Organizations adopting purpose-built SaaS (Software as a Service) applications to meet their specific Business needs; for example, CRM applications for marketing, sales or customer service. There are hundreds of SaaS applications available in the market today from numerous cloud providers, offering various kinds of functionalities to large and small-medium […]

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Mobility, Cloud and Real-time Integration

Information technology (IT) has been backbone of Business for decades, empowering Organization’s own customer/vendor/supplier engagement channels. With rapid growth in Mobility and Cloud Computing, the Business model itself is taking more innovative form. Organizations are increasingly leveraging Mobility and Cloud trends by exposing core capabilities (functionalities and data) beyond Organization’s own channels; they are actively participating […]