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Seamless integration of Enterprise applications as well as Business Partners and third parties is the most common and essential requirement for any Organization. Organizations are increasingly adopting Mobility and Cloud trends to participate in extended digital ecosystem of collaborative offerings and value added services, thus creating even more demand for integration. Failing to understand the role of Real-time integration platforms from bigger perspective results in inefficient processes and suboptimal customer engagement channels, leading to missed revenue and growth opportunities.

The intention of this portal is to act as a knowledge hub in the space of Enterprise real-time integration. The idea is to share right strategies and architecture-design practices that can be used for building scalable and effective Real-time integration solutions. The articles in this portal are blend of Technical and Business perspective. The examples and case studies discussed in the articles are based on scenarios (based on ideas, suggested). The focus of this portal is on following integration streams which complement each other and are required to enable end-to-end data exchange.