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Mobility, Cloud and Real-time Integration

Information technology (IT) has been backbone of Business for decades, empowering Organization’s own customer/vendor/supplier engagement channels. With rapid growth in Mobility and Cloud Computing, the Business model itself is taking more innovative form. Organizations are increasingly leveraging Mobility and Cloud trends by exposing core capabilities (functionalities and data) beyond Organization’s own channels; they are actively participating […]

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What is an API?

  The notion of Application Programming Interface (API) is not new, it is being used widely for years now. API basically is a contract provided by piece of software to its consumers. A good API defines the functionality it provides along with required input and expected output. APIs act as building blocks for developing a […]

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API and SOA Synergy

  APIs are becoming the mainstream approach for exposing Enterprise capabilities and data to external world. In fact, in most of the scenarios, APIs are seen as the natural extension of Enterprise Business Services delivered through SOA. For example, a Mortgage calculation functionality delivered through SOA as a Business Service can be made available to […]